August 25 in South Dakota: Midwest Grappling Challenge

This event is submission only!

Time Limits
10 Minutes – 2 Minute Overtime – If no submissions are scored it will go to referees decision from the overtime round. So make sure you get a submission! Points will not be given. Referees however are looking for takedowns, sweeps and submission attempts.

Legal Techniques

Beginner/White Belt: All upper body submissions
Intermediate/Blue Belt: All upper body submissions, Straight Leg Locks & Knee Bars are allowed
Advanced: All Submissions allowed
Purple & Above: All Submissions allowed except Heel Hooks

Illegal Techniques

Slamming – Slamming is considered if you bring your opponent above your knees.

No unsportsmanlike conduct will be allowed. You may be disqualified or ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct.

No neck cranks, biting, striking, eye gouging, head butting, small joint manipulation, chins to the eye, covering of the mouth with your hand, hair pulling, grabbing the windpipe will be allowed.

Grabbing of clothing in no gi. This does not include wrestling shoes.

Attire and Cleanliness
No infectious diseases including but not limited to ringworm, staph, MRSA and mat herpes. Shoes may be worn, but we warned that in the Intermediate and Advanced Divisions your opponent may grab your shoe to attempt a leg lock. Grappling attire must be clean and in good condition. Cups and Mouthpieces are suggested but not required.

515 North Main Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

More information on the official site.

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