January 23rd in Delaware: Pro-Jitsu

On Friday, January 23rd, 2009 The Good Fight will debut it’s PRO-JITSU division.

It will take place at the Sheraton Dover Hotel in Dover, DE.

All top level BJJ and Submission Grapplers are welcome to enter this division.

The Rules!
ALL Submissions are legal.
Any style takedown is permitted.

The Points!
1 Point: Takedown
2 Point: Mount
2 Point: Take the Back
3 Point: Catch (near submission)

The Registration Fee!

The Prizes!
1st Place: $1,500
2nd Place: $500
3rd Place: $150

The Weight Classes!
140-159.9 lbs.
160-179.9 lbs.
180 – 199.9 lbs.
200 – 219.9 lbs.
220 + lbs.

The Brackets!
Each weight class will consist of 16-man brackets. The brackets will be set up as a single elimination tournament.

The Time-Limit!
Each Pro-Jitsu match will be 8-minutes in length. A submission ends the match and the winner will advance in the bracket. If the match goes the full 8-minutes the competitor with the most points will win and advance in the bracket.

For more information contact:
Jim Fortunato
Owner/The Good Fight

Visit: www.projitsu.tv for more information and all the details!
You may register online at: www.regonline.com/projitsu

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