October 23 in North Carolina: The Good Fight 2010 North Carolina Grappling Open

THE GOOD FIGHT: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Submission Grappling Tournament Circuit offers both Gi and No-Gi divisions for kids, teens, men & women of all ages. Divisions are divided by age, weight & skill level.

All of our competitions will follow a single elimination tournament format.

We will allow a consolation match for any competitor wishing to receive a second match. To receive a 2nd match the competitor must let the referee or tableworker know before his or her division ends. This will ensure that an opponent from his or her division is available. This will give all competitors a chance to grapple at least 2 matches per division they sign up for, if they desire to do so. Please note: If your division finishes and all the competitors have cleared the area and the ref has started a new division you will not be able to receive your 2nd consolation match. You MUST let the ref or tableworkers know immediately following your 1st match loss.

PLEASE NOTE: Absolute Divisions are single elimination with no consolation match.

Competitors do not have to weigh-in with their Gi on.

Old Town Baptist Church Gym
4386 Shattalon Dr.
Winston-Salem, NC 27106


More information on the official site.

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