November 2 in Texas: NABJJF Texas Nationals

Weigh-Ins are right before your division begins. Competitor Check Date is Monday October 28th, 2013.

Disclaimer for Kids brackets:

The NABJJF designates a significant amount of time to bracketing the Kids. If your child does not have a match in their division, rest assured that the NABJJF will do its best to ensure a fair match for your child. In case we cannot come to a conclusion on what is best for your child, parents will receive a phone call to discuss the child’s best option for competition.

Disclaimer for competitors born on or before 1997:

The NABJJF holds you accountable to review the competitor list and contact us in case there are any changes. Competitors will have up to Check Date to request to be moved in division. In case you are the only person in your division after the check date you will receive a gold medal in that division and qualify for the open weight division.If you want a match but are not sure where you want to move to, send us an email that you are willing to move and we will place you in the best available option.

Juvenile and Adult competitors, only if you place in your division you qualify to register for the Open Weight division

Duncanville Field House
1700 S. Main Street,
Duncanville, TX 75137


More information on the official site.

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