November 24 in New Jersey: Professional Grappling League II: Middleweight Tournament

Countless warriors compete in regional tournaments that offer no avenue of career progression. The Professional Grappling League™ (PGL) is prepared to be the game changer, offering eight man tournaments and one super fight. Athletes will be personally selected to enter the ring for the chance to win cash purses and other prizes. Each combatant will be invited by the PGL only after earning recognition through amateur grappling circuits.

The fighters will walk to the ring with their own entrance music adding to the evening’s excitement. The bouts will consist of three rounds that are three minutes in length. A one minute rest period will be provided, at which time advice can be given by coaches in order to keep the matches exciting. With this format, no longer will stalling be an option. Shorter rounds also assure a faster pace which will ultimately be crowd-pleasing.

101 New Jersey 70 (East)
Tri Town Plaza
Marlton, NJ 08053


More information on the official site.

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