May 6 in California: Hayastan Grappling Challenge

Registration fee is $65 Dollars
Second division $30 extra

Early Registration will offer a 10% discount, as well as an additional 10% discount for the next tournament (Cash Payback on tournament day)

10 or more students/fighters discounts will be applicable as long as they are from the same Dojo/School

Spectators: $10

Cash Only accepted the day of the event.

We use a Hayastan Submission Grappling Rule System which is quite different than many rule systems presently in use with other organizations. We get great reviews about our rules from almost everyone who competes in our circuit. We train our refs and make sure that safety is their main priority.


Gi Divisions(Not all tournament locations offer Gi Divisions) All Gi competitors must wear a full Gi includind jacket, pants, and belt. no short sleeve jackets will be allowed. no shorts allowed in Gi divisions. No wrestling shoes allowed in gi divisions.

NoGi Divisions NoGi competitors may wear gi pants, gi shorts, MMA fight shorts, Grappling shorts, or acceptable gym shorts (referree discretion). All pants and shorts must be free of pockets, metal or hard plastic. Cargo shorts or any other street cloths will not be allowed. Competitors may compete with no shirt (Male only), tshirt, or rashguard. Wrestling shoes are allowed in nogi divisions.


Round 1. Three minute round with no points.
Round 2. Two minute round with points, if needed.
Round 3. Sudden Death round if needed (1st takedown wins).

7229 Atoll Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91605


More information on the official site.

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