May 23 in New Jersey: The Good Fight Ocean City Classic

THE GOOD FIGHT: Ocean City Classic is a ‘CROWNED’ event. This is The Good Fight’s own ranking system for its competitors. You will receive various points for placing in The Good Fight tournaments. Year end prizes and awards will given out at the end of 2009.


The top 3 placewinners in each division will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. Plus, the top 3 placewinners in each ABSOLUTE division will receive a Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.

THE GOOD FIGHT: Tournament of Brotherly Love medals are custom made; as are all of our medals for each of our events.

Format & Rules:

THE GOOD FIGHT: Ocean City Classic will have both Gi and No-Gi Divisions. The competition will follow a single elimination format with a consolation round. This will ensure every competitor will grapple at least 2 matches per division they sign up for. Divisions include Kids, Teens, Men’s Adult, Masters and Women’s Adult. Our rules have been developed with safety and sportsmanship as our highest priority to ensure a fun and safe experience for all of our Jiu Jitsu competitors.

Absolute Divisions Are Available!

PLEASE NOTE: The Absolute Divisions will take place throughout the tournament. This way, you will not have to wait until the end of the tournament to do your divisions Absolute weight class.

For instance: If you are a White Belt and sign up for the Absolute White Belt division here is how it will work. All the White Belt weight classes will grapple to completion; after all White Belt divisions are complete the White Belt Absolute will begin. The same format will be followed for Blue Belts and all the No-Gi Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Divisions.

Absolute divisions are available for Adult Men only at this point.

You will be able to Pre-Register for your respective absolute division when you go through the registration process. All Absolute Divisions will follow a single elimination format.

Ocean City Music Pier
Moorlyn Terrace & The Boardwalk
Ocean City, NJ 08226


More information on the official site.

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