May 23 in California: NorCal Grappling Clash of the Titans I

We are proudly announcing the upcoming Gi-less grappling tournament, “Clash of the Titans I”. This will be the first of many grappling tournaments to come. Our goal is that “Clash of the Titans” Grappling Tournaments will bring together athletes of all ages and from all walks of life.


1. Mount, back: 4 points
2. Pass guard: 3 points
3. Takedowns, sweeps: 2 points (not including reversals)

Rules: illegal techniques (all divisions)

1. No slamming (all take downs that impact directly on the head and no lifting opponent above waistline and slamming)
2. No intentional grabbing of clothing
3. No small joint manipulations
4. No fish hooking
5. No eye gouging
6. No neck cranks
7. No striking of any kind
8. No heel hooks or twisting knee locks of any kind

(Referee may warn, deduct points, or disqualify at his or her discretion)

Tap rule:

If you give any indication to the referee you have submitted including yelling out in pain the referee may award a submission victory.

Santa Teresa High School
6150 Snell Ave
San Jose, CA 95123


More information on the official site.

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