May 2 in Wisconsin: Midwest Triple Crown Stage One

Triple-crown tournament series:

Double-Elimination format, Gi and No-Gi divisions, Minimum 4 participants per division, otherwise divisions may be combined

The scoring for No-Gi Divisions and the Wisconsin Team Championships are:

Takedowns = 2 points
Dominant Position = 2 points
Sweep or Reversal (to Dominant Position) = 2 points
Strong Submission Attempt = 2 points
Submission Attempt = 1 point
Dominant Throw = 1 point (in addition to points for takedown)

The scoring for Gi Divisions is:

Takedowns = 2 points
Sweep from Guard = 2 points
Side Control Reversal to Side Control = 2 points
Knee on Stomach = 2 points
Guard Pass to Side Control= 3 points
Rear Mount Position (both hooks) = 4 points
Mount Position = 4 points

Wisconsin Team Championship tournament:
145 lb, 155 lb, 170 lb, 185 lb, 205 lb, 285 lb

Head-To-Head Dual Meet Format, 12 minute match length

Team Scoring:
6 points for submission
5 points for technical stoppage (15 match point difference)
4 points for major victory (8-14 match point difference)
3 points for victory (1-7 match point difference)

West Allis Central High School Fieldhouse
8516 W Lincoln Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53227


More information on the official site.

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