May 2 in Sweden: Swedish No-Gi Championships

Saturday May 2, it is time for the historic first Swedish Championships in Submission Wrestling ever! SM titles are sanctioned by the Swedish National Sports Confederation and the Swedish Budo & Marshall Arts Federation.

The competition takes place in Uddevalla, Sports Hall of Göteborgsvägen.

Weigh ins between 09.00-10.00, and approximately at 10.30 am to start the first matches. It is also possible to weigh in between 19.00-21.00 evening before the Ultimate gyms clubhouse in Bratt Street 6 of Uddevalla.

Fee is 300 kr per contestant and paid at the time. Medaljer till de tre bästa i varje klass. Medals to the top three in each class. Fight Wear to all the winners. Prizes for the best fighter, best club, and the fastest submission. Two coaches per club is free. The audience pays 50 per person.

Last entry to the SM is April 25, 2009!

Notification is via e-mail to Enter the name, weight class and club affiliation.

To participate in the SM requires the practitioner is a member of a club affiliated to the Submission Wrestling Section of the Swedish Budo & Marshall Arts Federation. Is your club not so submit application documents as soon as possible to the union. Is your club already affiliated to the Federation, it is just that notify you again to exercise Submission Wrestling. Fill in Form New Division in conjunction and resubmit it.

Fill in the form application for entry and attach your statutes (available to download from the website “normal statutes” and a copy of your annual meeting minutes. Then there are gradations in the SW so it is sufficient that you specify who is responsible SW in your club . For more information visit the

Then, submit papers to the Swedish Budo & Marshall Arts Federation, Öland Street 42, 116 63 Stockholm

Last entry date is April 24.


More information on the official site.

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