May 17 in the Phillipines: Rollapalooza 3

The country’s most exciting no-gi grappling competition is now on its third chapter.

Rollapalooza 3 will feature the same fun, music, action and skills seen in previous Rollapaloozas…only this time, we take it to the next level…

Do you have what it takes to compete with the best grapplers in the country? Find out by competing in Rollapalooza 3: SUPREMACY, and while you’re at it, have yourself some good, clean fun with all sorts of competitors coming from different disciplines and representing a variety of teams.

Rolapalooza 3 is not just an opportunity to display your skills on the mat, it is yet another chance for us to strengthen the camaraderie of the grappling community and to promote the grappling scene in our country.

So if you’re out to test your grappling skills in a competitive yet positive and friendly atmosphere, Rollapalooza 3 is for you!

Martial Arts Center (The Cage)
College Covered Courts
Ateneo de Manila University
Quezon City, Philippines


More information here.

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