May 1 in Australia: 2010 Brisbane Championships

As always, we have two competitions running on the same day – BJJ and No-Gi grappling, with separate weight classes and experience levels for both. There are divisions for both men and women, and this year we are also adding children’s BJJ divisions from age 5 and up.

Weight Divisions for Adult BJJ & No-Gi:

Under 66kg
67kg – 76kg
77kg – 87kg
88kg – 98kg
99kg & Over

Spectators are welcome, and competitors at all levels of experience are invited to compete. Adult BJJ will be separated by rank, and No-Gi will be separated by Novice and Intermediate/Advanced levels. We will have multiple mats running at once so that the competition will run smoothly, and we anticipate a fun and enjoyable day for all.

All entries will be taken online. Very soon, there will be a link on our website to submit an entry to the competition, including payment. This should be ready in the next few days, but we will send an email to confirm once the system is up and running.

Sleeman Centre
Chandler QLD 4155, Australia


More information on the official site.

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