March 30 in Utah: Champion Grappler XX

Please step on a scale before registering. At the event you will be given one chance to make weight before competing if you don’t make weight you don’t compete in your division and you will not be moved into another weight bracket and there will be no refunds. Anyone not making weight will be invited to participate in a “bonus bracket” with others from other weight classes who didn’t make weight. We will try to create enjoyable brackets for you to compete in but there are no guarentees and they will not count for team scoring.

How will this change help you? First, this change will allow us to plan and schedule the tournament with greater precision. Since brackets will be online starting Monday, March 25 you can identify any errors and make corrections well before the event. Then by Wednesday, March 27 all correction/changes will be updated and you will be able to see how many matches you have, with who, and at what times. If we had to combine weight divisions you will know and be able to adjust accordingly (example if you were cutting weight you may find out that you don’t need to afterall).

We are very excited about these changes, we did not make them lightly. We understand that these changes may cause some difficulties for those who don’t make weight, but the benefits seem to greatly out weigh the negitive. One of the most difficult things about competing is all the waiting for your match then having your division go long and have it almost overlap another division you are in. Another difficulty is traveling from out of state only to find out there is no one in your division. We also see fighters work hard to cut weight only to be moved up a weight class. We believe these changes will greatly eliviate these problems.

Mountain View High School,
665 West Center Street,
Orem, Utah 84057


More information on the official site.

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