March 22 in Delaware: Andre Monteiro Seminar

1-3 PM (1 hour gi, 1 hour no gi/training afterwards)

BJJ Blackbelt

Andre “Tim Maia” Monteiro

Seminar: $50

Private classes: $80 per hour (3 spots available)

Limited to 20 students


André Monteiro aka Tim Maia, started training Jiu-Jitsu in 1992 under professor’s Francisco Toco Albuquerque & Rodrigo Medeiros of the Nova Geração Academy in Rio, Brazil. He competed in Brazil at every belt level having major success through the 1990s until this day!

Aside from these experiences, André successfully worked with a non-profit athletic training program with the University Gama Filho for underprivileged youths in areas surrounding Rio de Janeiro. In addition, he worked as an instructor for the Nova Geração academy.


Raiser Tournament 1992 – Champion
Aqualung Cup 1993 Champion
Alan Goes Tournament 1993 – Champion
Brazilian Champion 1993
Brazilian Champion 1994
Gavaza Cup 1994 – Champion
RJ State Champion 1994
RJ State Champion 1996
Company Cup 2000 Champion (feather) and Second place (absolute)
RJ State 2002 3º place (absolute)
Pan American Championships Bronze 2005

27-A Trolley Square
Wilmington, DE 19806


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