March 21 in New Jersey: Invisible Grappling Seminar with Jason Scully

Time: 11:00 am to 2:00pm (Seminar will include Q and A along with open rolling)


* You are guaranteed 100% that if you believe you did not learn something that you can apply to your game right away, then you’ll get a full refund – No questions asked.
* Every participant will receive a notebook and pen to write down notes and questions during the seminar. If you forget to bring a notebook and pen, we will have one for you.
* Every participant will receive an accompanied binder with pre-written and organized seminar notes so you can quickly reference and review what you learned. The notes will talk about things in the seminar plus bonus topics/articles.
* Every participant will receive a 1 year membership to ($120 value)
* For 1 year you will receive 25% discounts on any future Grapplers Guide seminars or Invisible Grappling seminars.
* You will receive a voucher for 2 weeks free training at the Grapplers Guide Academy regardless of your affiliation. If you are ever in the area feel free to stop by and train for 2 weeks, on us.

In this seminar series you can expect to:

* Learn details that many grapplers miss or are not even aware of.
* Learn not just techniques but actual concepts that you can apply to your training.
* Pick up learning ideas to implement into your training to help you improve.
* Not learn flashy techniques that you will probably never use. The goal is to show you things and teach you ideas that you will actually use.
* Walk away with physicals notes to help you remember the concepts and movements that you learned. The goal is for you to be able to store the information that you came to learn into your mind to the best of your ability. Having reference notes are a big help.

Why is it called “Invisible” Grappling?

The premise behind the “Invisible Grappling” seminar series is that while many people know a lot of different techniques, sometimes they miss or are not aware of the little details that can make a difference. In the same context, there are concepts and theories that they may not have learned or weren’t even aware of also. So in essence these principles are “invisible” to them.

The goal of this seminar series is to increase and broaden the conceptual awareness along with talking about important theories and ideas that can help you approach your grappling in a matter that will hopefully encourage you to use your imagination and at the same time build your confidence in the decisions you make.

These are mostly things that the students don’t see or even can’t see and the purpose of this seminar is to hopefully make these “invisible” concepts, movements, and ideas “visible” to you.

Spots Available:

* 20 spots for members – Cost is $60
* 5 spots for members – Cost is $20 (To cover materials and processing)

Cost of seminar covers instruction, materials, and content inside the materials. You also get a $120 bonus in a 1 year membership to

Everyone is welcome to this seminar. It does not matter what school you train at or who you are affiliated with.

How to secure a spot:

If you are interested in attending the seminar then please e-mail me at with the following in the subject line:

“Invisible Grappling Seminar Attendee”

Please supply your:

* Full Name
* Most Frequently Used E-Mail Address
* If you are a member or not – If so, what your username is.
* Answer to This Question (Optional): What do you look for most in a seminar, and/or what would you like to be offered in your ideal seminar?

The Grapplers Guide Academy
On Top of Middletown Fire Company No. 1 Station 8 Building
336 State Highway 35 (Southbound Side)
Red Bank, NJ 07701


More information on the official site.

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