March 21 in Australia: 2009 Brisbane Championships

Announcing the Submission Grappling Queensland 2009 Brisbane Championships!! As always the event will feature separate competitions in both BJJ & No-Gi Submission Grappling. The two different categories will each be contested in the following weight classes – under 66kg, 66-76kg, 77-87kg, 88-98kg, over 99kg, and all of those in both ‘novice’ and ‘intermediate/advanced’ experience levels. There will also be womens divisions in BJJ & No-Gi Submission Grappling.

Registration: 9:00am-9:45am
NO-GI Competition Starts: 10:30am
BJJ Competition Starts: 1pm
Entry Fee: $35 for one division, $50 for both
(ALL entrants receive a 2009 Brisbane Championships T-Shirt!)

Entries MUST be received by March 19th! ($10/division extra for late entries).

We’re looking forward to another great day on March 21st, with as always plenty of great but friendly competition between grapplers from all over Queensland (and beyond).

As per our last event we’ll be continuing with the procedural changes that made the
running of the day even smoother. Those details that everyone will need to be
aware of are:

1. Pre-Registration
– Everyone wishing to compete will need to give entry details to their coach well in advance of the event as team entries close on the 19th of March. Coaches are to submit the entries for all of their students. Independent competitors are more than welcome, and they will also be required to submit their own entries on or before March 19th.

– Part of this pre-registration includes entrants committing to one of the specific competition weight groups & experience levels (ie. BJJ novice 77-87kgs). This is because competitors will now only be required to make weight immediately before they step on the mat for their first match (this is being done to avoid a lengthy morning weigh-in which will make the day run quicker).

2. Competition Day Registration
– Though most of the organization will be taken care of ahead of time, entrants will still need to fill in a simple form on the day of the event before they can compete. The times for this competition day registration are listed later here on our schedule of events.

– Also during this competition day registration, entrants are able to pay the competition entry free (no monies need be paid ahead of time as long as pre- registration has been completed). All entrants will also receive a special competition event T-shirt.

3. Making Weight
– As mentioned above, there will no longer be any extended weigh-ins in the morning before the competition. Competitors will now instead be required to make weight immediately before they step on the mat for their first match, and as they would be dressed for competition.

– A competitor that has already made weight for their No-Gi division will not have to make weight again later in the day should they also be entering their respective weight class in the BJJ competition.

NB: If before their first match a competitor fails to make the pre-registered weight class they will be eliminated from the competition (an extra allowance of 3kg will be given in making weight for BJJ divisions & 1kg for No-Gi divisions).

4. Schedule of Events
– Listed here is the running order of the competition with expected times for different
key happenings:

* 9-9:45am Competition Day Registration

* 10:15am No-Gi Competition Rules Meeting

* 10:30am No-Gi Competition Starts
(novice divisions light->heavy, then intermediate/advanced)

* 11:30-12pm Competition Day Registration
(for people entering only BJJ divisions)

* 12:30pm No-Gi Competition Placing Presentations
(awards presented to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place getters)

* 12:45pm BJJ Competition Rules Meeting
(for all BJJ competitors)

* 1pm BJJ Competition Starts
(novice divisions light->heavy, then intermediate/advanced)

* 4pm BJJ Competition Placing Presentations
(awards presented to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place getters)

NB: Based on this schedule it is the responsibility of competitors to be present when necessary. If a competitor is absent when any of their matches are scheduled, they will be eliminated from the competition.

Whites Hill State College Assembly Hall
Camp Hill
138 Burn St, Camp Hill, QLD 4152‎

Fore information and entry forms, please contact:

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