March 14 in Colorado: PANCRASE Mile High Nationals Submission Wrestling Championship

1. All fighters must weigh-in, and compete in their respective weight/skill divisions (under 18 may compete with written permission from a legal guardian).

Fighters who have previously fought in the advanced division may not compete in beginner or intermediate divisions.

All fighters may also compete in the Absolute/Open weight/skill division.

2. The promoter reserves the right to combine divisions.

3. Fighters will follow all commands from the referee.

4. All matches begin from the standing position.

5. Fighters who go out-of-bounds will be restarted in the center of the ring/mat, in a position determined by the referee.

6. If fighters become stalled or deadlocked, the referee may re-start the match from the standing position.

7. All grappling techniques; throws, chokeholds, and joint locks are permitted expect those that are listed as illegal techniques.

8. Fighters may grab, hold, or utilize any portion of their opponent’s clothing except the shorts or wrestling singlet.

9. The referee may stop a match at any time if a fighter is in imminent danger of injury.

10. A fighter may give-up (tap-out) and concede defeat at any time during a match by tapping their hand or foot, two (2) times, on the opponent’s body or the mat. A fighter may also give-up verbally by saying, “STOP”, to the referee and the opponent.

No pre-registration required. All fighters may register and pay entry fees at the weigh-ins. Entry forms available at weigh-in.

Basic Entry Fee (one (1) division):

Additional Divisions:
$12.00 – Absolute Division
$22.00 – Old Timers Tourney

Broomfield High School, Wilkerson Gym
1 Eagle Way,
Broomfield Colorado USA 80020


More information on the official site.

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