March 13 to 26 in California: Gracie Barra Pan-Ams Preparation

Gracie Barra Competitors are invited to join the Pan-ams 2009 competition training sessions that will take place at our Head Quarters, Gracie Barra America.

Purple Belts and up will have special training sessions from 1pm to 3pm. Training will start March 13th and go until March 26th. They can also join GB America’s regular classes, respecting the school’s requirements.

White and Blue Belts are welcome to attend all regular classes at GB America respecting the school’s requirements.

Instructors Definition of GB Team A and GB Team B. We will meet to define the athletes representing teams A and B at the Panams 2009. The meeting will on Thursday March 24th at 3pm.

Reminder: It is not permitted to train in our Head Quarters with a non official Gracie Barra Uniform.

GB Instructors Meeting: the GB Advanced BJJ Curriculum on March 30th, from 1am to 12pm.

GB Instructors Picture on March 30th at 12pm

GB Instructors Lunch on March 30th at 1pm (Tia Juana Mexican Grill – Walking distance from the school)

Gracie Barra America
14988 Sand Canyon Ave #1
Irvine, CA 92618


More information on the official site.

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