March 12 in California: ADCC North American Trials

The tournament is for Experts only (3 Years + Experience).

Men Weight Classes:

65.9 Kg and under (145lbs)
66 to 76.9 Kg (145.2lbs – 169.2lbs)
77 to 87.9 Kg (169.4lbs – 193.4lbs)
88 to 98.9 Kg (193.6lbs – 217.6lbs)
99 Kg and over (217.8lbs)

Women Weight Classes

Under – 60Kg (132lbs)
Over + 60 Kg (132lbs)

Doors Open at 9:00 am

Championship will start at 10:30 am

Registration Cost: $80.00 (Pre Registration ONLY)

(Registration WILL END TUESDAY MARCH 8, 2011) No exceptions

Spectator fee: $20.00 at the door ($15 online)

Must be a US or Canadian Citizen to compete in this event and must have a valid passport to present to the judges table for every match.

Weigh ins are before your first match.
There are no refunds.

National Guard Armory
7401 Mesa College Dr
San Diego, CA 92111


More information on the official site.

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