July 20 & 21 in California: Kids World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships Gi & No Gi for Kids & Teens

Doors open at 7:00am for spectators. Tickets are Adults-$10, Kids-$5, 3 & under free.
If you do not make your weight, you will be disqualified.
Sat July 20th 2013 – Gi. Sun July 21st 2013 – No Gi.
Doors Open at 7:00am. Competition starts at 9:00am.

Coussolis Arena – Cal State San Bernardino
5500 University Parkway San Bernardino Ca 92407


More information on the official site.

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    • NO. My son weighed 143.8 and they disqualified him. .3 of a lb over! We drove from Reno to attend this tournament. I pointed out the fact that they were not checking ANY Birth Certificates yet they DQ’d for .3 of a lb. It CLEARLY states on the main page you must present a birth certificate. As a parent would you rather have your child face an opponent .3 of a lb over or a possibly Older, stronger opponent?

  1. I’ve never seen such a poorly run tournament with so many injuries. Of 7 kids’ bouts six were screwed. On Gi day my 6 yo was bumped up 10 lbs because they missed her in her weight. Then immediately rolled with older kids. My son was winning for first and had the advantage but at the end the ref decided my son stalled at some point and have the match to the other kid with no warning. My daughter was also bumped up in weight yesterday and them when the ref screwed up points and realized it, my daughter won…only to have the opposing team complain and get a first too. Today No Gi there is a nationally placed in naga expert kid iny sons intermediate bracket. I had to personally argue that one. Then my son loses a match 0-0 and his opponent asks the ref “how did I win”? Meanwhile moves we were told were legal were told to my kid they were illegal mid match. BUT the kicker, THEY HAD NO MATCH for my 15 yo but were so worried about reimbursing me a measly $35, they had my beginner roll with an expert boy. The ref was standing while my daughter screamed tap 5x in a reverse arm bar. My child got up crying, she doesn’t cry. The medics meanwhile sat on their cell phones and I had to scream for ice from the stands. Anyone going to this tournament is asking for a career ending injury. I don’t care about the money I wasted on bad reffing and cheating, but my kid having a major injury because you’re too cheap to reimburse me? Never again and I hope that many others see this post as it will go in every forum I can! Headed to the hospital right now. 🙁

  2. Gilbert Gallegos says: July 26, 2013 at 8:40 pm

    I have to say the N-Gi competition was great. The competitors involved all were tough and it was a great learning experience for the entire team. My son did not take first but lost on a decision. I did see injuries but I believe that is expected in that some of the competitors are so competitive that sometimes the tap out was delayed. Either way we will be back next year for the excitment and to take home a 1st place.

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