June 25 in Maine: Black Fly Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Maine State Championship

Maine’s first annual Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament for kids, using the official rules of the IBJJF and featuring gi, no-gi, takedown and 5 Absolute State Championship Belt divisions. Separate no-submission divisions are available upon request. Ages 3-17 plus one Absolute Expert division for 18+ to crown Maine’s first Adult Absolute Maine State Champion. Four Kids belts will be awarded for the Boys and Girls Lightweight (< 100 lbs.) and Heavyweight (> 100 lbs.) Champions. Pre-register for $60 by June 15 or pay $75 at the door. Spectators $5. “Early bird” discount $50 until May 15.

43 Mendolia Road,
Rangeley ME 04970


More information on the official site.

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