June 12 – 13 in California: Grapplers Retreat NorCal Coast Grappling Camp with Nic Gregoriades

Grappling Camp includes 7-hours total instruction (3½ hours Saturday and 3 ½ hours Sunday). There will be plenty of time for Q & A and sparring (optional).

We begin our Saturday training session at 11:00am and continue until 2:30pm. After our Saturday training session, the group will come together for a bonfire and Brazilian-style barbecue lunch at Russian Gulch State Park, which offers some of the most incredible views of Mendocino’s rugged coast. There will be plenty of time to eat, relax, hang out, and explore before resting up for Sunday’s training session.

We begin our Sunday training session at 9:00am and continue until 12:30pm. From there we gather at MacKerricher State Park for an afternoon barbecue lunch and a chance to hang out, review grappling techniques & principles, and experience another amazing stretch of the Mendocino coast.

Focus of Instruction:

Instruction will be no-gi submission grappling. Beyond simply showing techniques, there will be a strong conceptual focus to the instruction.

Nic will lead the majority of the grappling camp. He will focus on the following areas of submission grappling:

(1) Efficient hip movement for grappling

(2) Creating angles for attack & defense

(3) Breathing and flow

(4) High percentage knee-bars

Alex Aftandilians (Gokor’s Team Hayastan) will take over instruction for a short period of time on each day. He will focus on the following technical areas:

(1) Kesa Gatame (scarf hold): proper positioning, setting up combination attacks, and escapes when held in the scarf hold.

(2) Leg-locks: effective entries, maintaining position, finishing the leg-lock against a skilled defending opponent, and chain attacks.

18660 North Highway 1
Fort Bragg, CA 95437


More information on the official site.

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