June 10 in New York: Unleash the Warrior

This is the second year of this event. Our goal is to promote a fair event to the everyday jujitsu/continuous fighting enthusiast. To learn, watch and meet others in the sport.

UTW began in 2011 as a successful open martial arts tournament open to all styles of martial arts including Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung FU and Sport Jiu Jitsu. With the success of the Jiu Jitsu division and the large demand and requests from competitors, we have changed the format, making UTW a BJJ, SJJ, Gi/No Gi, Grappling and Continuous Fighting venue.

Our goal is provide and offer a jujitsu tournament for the everyday student who is interested in testing their skills and learn and meet others enthusiasts.

Freeport Recreation Center
130 East Merrick Road, Freeport, NY11520


More information on the official site.

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