July 18 in Pennsylvania: Tony Passos and Otavio Souza Seminar

The seminar will cover many topics with a focus on the guard. Tony Passos is a black belt under De La Riva and considered by some to be one of the best BJJ instructors on the east coast. Otavio Sousa is a Gracie Barra Black belt and consistently placed among in the top-three in the World and Pan-American championships in the past few years:

* 3rd – Adult black belt – 2009 Mundial
* 3rd – Adult black belt – 2008 Mundial
* 2nd – Adult brown belt – 2007 Mundial
* 1st – Adult brown belt open weight – 2007 Mundial
* 1st – Adult black belt – 2009 Pan-ams
* 2nd – Adult black belt open weight – 2009 Pan-ams
* 2nd – Adult black belt – 2008 Pan-ams
* 2nd – Adult brown belt – 2007 Pan-ams

South Hills Judo Club
2620 Brownsville Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15227


More information here.

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