January 19 in New Jersey: Amateur Grappling League 3

The Amateur Grappling League (AGL) features an updated tournament style that will set the precedent for the future of the ever-growing sport. Each match will consist of two rounds. Rounds will be three minutes in length, with 30-seconds of rest time in between. This will provide the fighters with the opportunity to recharge and listen to the advice of their cornerman. Stalling will be potentially eliminated due to the two short rounds, creating much more exciting bouts. Fighters will be tracked and ranked through an in-house data system. High caliber amateurs will have the opportunity of advancing into the Professional Grappling League (PGL) for the chance to win cash prizes. No longer will fighters compete in deadend tournaments without further advancement.

101 Route 70 East,
Marlton, NJ 08004


More information on the official site.

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