January 15 in California: 3rd Battle in the Desert: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

It is with great honor and pleasure that I extend my personal invitation to participate in the 3rd Battle in the Desert: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament, on January 15th 2012 at Technique Training Center inside World Gym, Indio. Pre-registration starts now and ends on Jan 13th.
Tournament will begin at 11am and will include Gi, No Gi division for both kids and adults. We will also be including an Absolute division in No Gi for an additional $10 – which goes into a pot in which, winner takes ALL.

ALL competitors must weigh-in one hour prior to competing and schedules are as follows:
11:00am– kids (white, yellow, orange, green)
12:30pm– kids (Beginner= Up to 1½ years of training, Intermediate= 1½ – 3 years of training, Advanced= 3+ years of training
1:00pm- white belts
1:30pm – blue belts
2:30pm- Adults Beginners = white belt= Up to 1½ years of training
3:00pm – purple belts
3:30pm – Adults Intermediate = blue belts+ purple = 1½ – 4 years of training

83240 California 111
Indio, CA 92201


More information on the official site.

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