January 14 16 in Texas: Women’s Grappling Camp

The primary instructors are black belts Emily Kwok and Valerie Worthington. These instructors supervise all of the instruction, including but not limited to technique sessions, round tables and panel discussions, and troubleshooting.

We will kick off the camp with a dinner Friday night!

The proposed camp would feature:

• Two full days (Saturday and Sunday) encompassing
one two-hour morning and one two-hour afternoon technique/rolling
session each day;
o One round table/panel discussion session each day
• a Monday morning open mat, usually with selected male training partners
• Multiple breaks, for campers to rest, do laundry, and eat

We will also have a group dinner to socialize and have further discussions on Saturday or Sunday.

2277 NW Military Hwy #114
San Antonio TX 78213


More information on the official site.

For a classic episode of The FightWorks Podcast (with Val Worthington!) check out Episode 103: BJJ and Women.

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