April 26 in Idaho: Budo Kids BJJ Cup

This event is free for kids 12 and younger!

The goals of this tournament are as follows:

Provide an opportunity to compete for kids and teens in a safe high quality setting under the standardized rules of the Interational Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation preparing them to compete in the larger internation events.

To allow all kids to compete reguardless of financial status. Traveling for tournaments can be expensive, and children should have the chance to compete to build their self confidence, character, and discipline, without creating a financial burden on their parents. We created this tournament to give every child possible the chance to compete in a premier tournament.

To share and grow the increidble sport of Jiu Jitsu across the Northwests through increased exposure; these events draw a lot of spectators and also media coverage both print and online.

8055 Goddard Rd
Boise, ID 83704


More information on the official site.

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