February 8 in New York: The Good Fight New York Open

Tournament Pre-Registration:
All Good Fight bjj tournaments are pre-registration only. We offer online pricing discounts for competitors who choose to register and pay online. We also offer the option to pay cash at the door for competitors who choose to register online without paying.

Pre-Registration Fee Structure:
There are 3 price levels: early bird, regular and pay-at-the-door. Competitors who register & pay online by the early bird or regular pricing deadlines will receive the cooresponding discount pricing. Please understand: you must pay online to recieve the discount. If you just register yourself online without paying you would be choosing the pay-at-the-door option and will pay the cooresponding pay-at-the-door fees when you arrive at the tournament.

The Super OPEN:
The Super Open is a qualifying only, open weight class, Absolute division. There will be a Super Open weight class for each belt level for both Gi and NoGi adult/executive divisions. In order to qualify for the Super Open weight class you must win 1st place in your division. For example: all 1st place winners in the the adult white belt divisions and all 1st place winners in the executive white belt divisions will be placed into the white belt gi Super Open class. The same criteria will be for blue & purple belts as well. There will be a total of 6 Super Open weight classes: white (gi), blue (gi), purple (gi), white (nogi), blue (nogi), purple (nogi). There is no super open weight class planned for brown or black belts at this time.

Nyack College (Bowman Gymnasium)
1 South Blvd.
Nyack, NY 10960


More information on the official site.

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