Feb 28 & March 1 in Bristol, UK: Bristol Open of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

bristol bjj

Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament in Bristol, UK (MAP). International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation rules will be used.

The ‘Bristol Open – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament’ started in 2006 with the effort to develop and promote the sport BJJ in the UK. Therefore the event follows strictly the IBJJF rules in order to best simulate the big tournaments such as the ‘Mundial’, Pan-American and European. The tournament is supported & insured by the Grappling Arts Association
The event organizers attempt to keep a competitive, although friendly environment, in order to get the best out of the competitors. In order for this to hold true competitors & coaches alike, must respect the rules, meeting all the necessary requirements, as well as respect the referees and all engaged participants/associates.

Door opens at 9.30 am – competition starts at 10.00am

Weight –in before step on the mat.

Obs: All competitors must hand in their waiver forms when weight-in in order to be able to fight!

10.00am: male white belts (all categories)

12.00pm: male blue belts (all categories) and female (all belts)

2.00pm: purple belts (all categories) and open class blue and white belts

4.00pm: open class purple belt and female (all belts)

More information at the official website.

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