August 22 in Toronto: Grapple Girls Open

First-ever, all women’s grappling tournament and seminar weekend in Canada.

The Grapple Girls Open committee is made up of eight women from many different academies around Toronto. We want no part of the divisive politics that can be so prevalent in martial arts, so we are working together to make this happen. We don’t want money for our efforts – all proceeds after we cover our costs are going to non-profit women’s organizations. We are committed to making this not only the best-run women’s grappling event, but the best-run grappling event ANYWHERE.

* It’s all about YOU, grappling grrls! We’re here to support you and help build a women’s grappling community.
* We’re really organized and we love it when things run on schedule.
* It will be pre-registration only, and the brackets will be posted in advance, so you will know exactly when and who you are fighting.
* We’ll have non-ridiculous weight classes. If you’re 150 lbs, you don’t have to fight someone who’s 200 (and someone who’s 110 doesn’t have to fight you).
* The rules will be posted online. You’ll know well in advance whether your patented Flying Butt Pliers move is legal.
* The food will be healthy — not the regular garbage you get at most sports arenas.
* The venue will be clean, spacious, accessible, and classy — no more high school gyms where the washrooms run out of toilet paper by noon and you have to bring your own soap if you want to wash your hands. Like, euw.
* The revolution will be televised. If your family and friends can’t come with you, tell them to tune into the webcast — they can watch you fight live on the Internet without ever leaving their living room. And if they don’t want to watch it online, the matches will be available on DVD.
* It will be located downtown in a friendly, safe, interesting, walkable city — Toronto, Canada. We have great transit, so you won’t need a car. You won’t have to trek to some remote location. (Good for Starbucks runs between matches.) Toronto is less than an eight hour drive from most northern and midwestern US cities, and less than a five hour flight even from the west coast. And we know where all the good restaurants are.
* Need a place to stay? Several of us are offering crash space.
* We’re friendly, welcoming people. We’ll make you feel at home. And since we’re Canadian, we’re polite too.
* How about learning from advanced grapplers – we’re putting on matches between some of the biggest names in women’s grappling
* Expect women-specific instruction, support and athletic development for the advanced, beginner, and younger women. We’re breaking through stereotypes of women and what it means to be a female fighter, including the honoring of diversity and uniqueness in terms of body shape, size, strength, and personality.
* It will be super good times during this jam-packed weekend-long event
* This event is non-profit with profits to charity

University of Toronto Athletic Centre‎
55 Harbord St
Toronto, ON, Canada


More information on the official site.

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  1. What’s the most recent update on this tournament? I looked on the “official website” but didn’t see anything tournament-related. I am interested in registering.

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