August 13 in California: Grappler Series

This event is for kids, white belts and blue belts.

Length of BJJ Matches:
White: 5 minutes
Blue: 6 minutes

BJJ Point System:

All positions must be held for 3 full seconds. It is good strategy to count to five before making a transition to a new position.

Takedown: Opponent must land on back or butt and you must maintain top control for 3 seconds: 2 points

Sweep: Must initiate sweep from Guard and maintain TOP position for 3 seconds: 2 points

Passing Opponent’s Guard: Must have all arms and legs cleared from opponents guard/legs for 3 seconds: 3 points

Mount: Both knees and feet must be on ground with opponents leg cleared from your body for 3 seconds: 4 points

Back Control w/ Both Hooks Inside: Figure four does not count as points. Hooks in for 3 seconds: 4 points

1827 W. Valley Blvd.,
Alhambra, CA 91803


More information on the official site.

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