April 4 in the United Kingdom: 2nd Brighton BJJ Open Grab & Pull

Price: £25.00

Weight Classes:

  • Male:

    * Men Rooster 57.50kg
    * Men Super feather 64.00kg
    * Men Feather 70.00kg
    * Men Light 76.00kg
    * Men Middle 82.30kg
    * Men Medium heavy 88.30kg
    * Men Heavy 94.30kg
    * Men Super heavy 100.50kg
    * Men Super super heavy Over 100.50kg

  • Female:

    * Women Rooster 48.50kg
    * Women Super feather 53.50kg
    * Women Feather 58.00kg
    * Women Light 64.00kg
    * Women Middle 69.00kg
    * Women Medium heavy 74.00kg
    * Women Heavy 79.00kg
    * Women Super heavy 84.3kg


More information on the official site.

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