April 18 in Brazil: First Copa Brasa

This tournament is open to all Brasa students of all ages and belt rank, including the visually impaired students of the social project in the Instituto Benjamin Constant.

In this first edition of the tournament only Brasa students and specific Brazilian jiu-jitsu academies will be invited but the intention is to use this experience so that the next edition of the tournament can be open to all teams.

We are excited, especially to be able to have a tournament in the South Zone of Rio, which is a rare thing. We expect a big audience as the entry is free. We will be collecting one kilogram of food that will be donated to the Instituto Benjamin Constant to pass along to the needier students.


Felipe Costa (Brasa) x Rodrigo”Bicudinho” (Gracie Ipanema)
Marcelo Machado (Brasa) x Carlos Santos (Horlando Araujo)
Alfredo Julio (Brasa) x Tiago “Barata¬®”(Abi Rihan)

Instituto Benjamin Constant
Av Pasteur, 350
Urca, Rio de Janeiro
RJ, 22290240


More information on the official site.

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