February 21 in Texas: Animal Fightwear Submission Championships

Animal Fightwear™ will host a Gi and No-Gi submission
tournament at Westside High School on Sat., Feb. 21st.

* We will have over 100 divisions including children’s gi, women’s gi, men’s gi, and men’s no-gi.
* We will have 3 GREAT Super Fights with some of the nation’s best competitors putting it on the line.
* As a special benefit to new students, we will offer a men’s division gi/no-gi for those with 0-9 months of experience.
* We will run 8 fully staffed mats (so you won’t be sitting around all day).
* There will be scheduled weigh-ins for different divisions.
* You must PRE-Register (No exceptions).
* Brackets will be posted on the net prior to the event so you will know who & when you fight.
* Brackets will be updated on the walls as the event occurs so competitors will know who & when they fight throughout the day.
* Team Trophies will be awarded.

Spectator : Adults-$10, Children (Ages 5-12)-$5, Children (Ages 4 & Under)-FREE

There will be Super Fights!

Location : Westside High School MAP

More information at FIght Like An Animal.

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